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Our Main Building

DDR's building design was chosen to reflect the natural beauty of the Alberta Badlands and the history of the Drumheller valley. This building could almost disappear into the hills given it is the same colour as the bentonite soil that turns to “slime” when it rains. The black coal and red shale seams you see in the hills are reflected in the black trim/doors and the red shale landscaping. A nod to agriculture is achieved through the metal roof/siding accents and walls made of straw bales!

The 2000 sq ft building is primarily three large spaces; DDR's Tourist Storefront with something for every budget, Ina's Inspiration Studio and The Hive collaboration space.


Ina's Inspiration Studio

Ina's Inspiration Studio is the largest of the three rooms in DDR and is intended as a space where you can get messy. This generously lite space is equipment with one full kitchen, one half kitchen, two pottery wheels and permanent space for easels. Members will be able to store partially complete work in the Greenroom storage.

The majority of classes are held in our Studio space. This space was configured to accommodate two separate types of classes at the same time. Tools provided in this area include clay wheel and hand building tools, various paint brushes, pallet knives and pallets. This list will continue to evolve. You will also find basic supplies such as paper, tape, scissors, plastic, solvents, stains, and basic glazes. 

 The Hive Collaboration Space

The Hive collaboration space is considered a "clean" space with a separate media room equipped with the proper lighting and acoustics for professional quality photos and blogging.

Two member computer stations are equipped with the software to edit artistic work and we have 4 distinct spaces for brainstorming, song writing, quilting, etc, etc, etc. Software requests/suggestions can be made using our form. A Lending Library is housed by the coffee station for members to share resources.


Building with Straw bales was a choice made primarily to reduce DDR’s carbon footprint. Straw is an annually-renewable agricultural by-product which is available locally. Our dry climate in the Valley is perfect for a Straw Bale structure; the 18” thick walls allow for deep window wells and a solid feel to the building. (No way the wolf is blowing this building down.) Straw Bale construction is well insulated with an R-value between 40-60 and are more fire retardant than traditional homes. 


Another local connection, Dave and his partner Heidi are stained glass creators living in Airdrie, AB. They enjoy their weekend getaway in the community of Wayne on a regular basis. Heidi's background as a tattoo artist helps with the overall design work and Dave's expert eye for quality glass enhance the originality of these pieces. Their unique work will be featured in both the main and Lady Belle's.


A series of bat houses are installed on the East side of the secondary building to encourage the establishment of a bat colony. The benefits of a bat colony include insect control, seed distribution, plant pollination and fertilizer. Bats play a huge role in our ecosystems. By installing bat houses, we give these animals a safe place to live and procreate. With many natural habitats being destroyed today, including bat houses on site was a natural choice for DDR. Bats are also sentimental to our founder as she has a close personal connection to Austin, Texas.


The small roof above the main entrance of the main building is a living roof made up of local grasses and wild flowers. We made this design choice because of the environmental benefits of a Green Roof or Living Roof. We will both reduce our energy consumption and minimize the footprint of our building.


Address: 45 Alberta Pool Road, Rosedale, AB

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