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Live Music at The Roaring Donkey

Directly behind our main building, guests are able to access The Roaring Donkey from both inside and outside. The Stage itself will be modelled after the outdoor stage at Rosebud Theatre. (photo to the right)

This 3000 sq ft outdoor space offers scenic surroundings, sun and shade seating options, a BBQ and beverage shack and covered stage to accommodate live performances. The 11 acre parcel of land behind this area also belongs to our founder and guests are welcome to go for a hike in the hills during fare weather.

As per Alberta Parks, the stunning, otherworldly landscape of the Canadian Badlands teems with wildlife and unusual species, from prairie rattlesnakes and horned lizards to prickly pear cacti. It’s a great place for birdwatching, backcountry hiking, canoeing, cycling or simply soaking up the wondrous sights. 

Vicki-Lynn - DDR's Dino Mama & Eggs

This interactive artistic rendition of a dinosaur, Vicki-Lynn, sits at the front of our building and is over 6 feet high and 12 feet long.  

As per Dinosaur Valley Studios, the “Mama Dino” is modelled after a “Parasaurolophus “ dinosaur. These were part of a group of dinosaurs commonly known as “Duckbilled” dinosaurs. The scale of the eggs to the animal is not correct. The eggs would have been about the size of a volleyball in life. We enlarged them to offer an opportunity for the perfect photo op with reinforced seating. There is a lot of evidence that these dinosaurs cared for the nest and the young after hatching. Something that we tried to capture in this sculpt. 

The Labyrinth

Often characterized as a walking meditation; modern day labyrinths are typically patterned after four different styles. 

The Labyrinth on our land is fashioned after the medieval style which is based on the 11 circuit labyrinth, the entrance is the same as the exit. This style of Labyrinth is installed as part of the flooring of Notre-Dame of Chartres Cathedral in France even though all medieval labyrinths are not necessarily that elaborate. The Chartres Cathedral labyrinth as it is more commonly known worldwide was installed back in 1230.

The length of time it takes to complete your labyrinth journey of course depends on your personal pace and the pace of others on the path.  But on average, it seems to take about an half hour. The journey is about 1/2 of a kilometer. 

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Pirate Ship

Wait a minute - a Pirate Ship?

You got it. This 20' adult friendly structure will double as outdoor classroom space when it isn't being enjoyed by the young at heart who visit us.


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